Easy-must try self-care ideas for moms

June 29, 2020

Hey, mama bear…I know this shit is hard.

As I am writing this we are in the middle of a pandemic. So times are f*cking crazy hard right now. I know this because I am in it with you. I spend my day trying to balance out looking after my toddler, keeping my house together, and running a business. With all the chaos it’s easy to put your self last.

Work on you, for you.

I like to remind myself that I can’t look after others if I am not looking after myself first. So go ahead my friend, put on your favorite song, and dance your heart out. Or put a show on for your kids so you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee. NO judgments here.


If you find it easier to have something tangible to look at to remind yourself throughout the day to take a pause then I made this just for you. Download my self-care checklist and put it somewhere easily visible. Come back to it often, and remember to take some deep breathes.

If nobody has told you today

You are doing awesome, keep your head up <3

B xo

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