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Top 5 must-haves for babies from 0-6 months old

June 13, 2019

I have been asked a lot lately about some of my must have products for Kash from when he was a newborn to now (6 months old).

So this is a list of of some of the products that I relied on every day.

  1. The Philps Avant manual breast pump. I was fortunate in the way that this hand unit was all I needed in the way of pumps. I am glad I did not spend a bunch of money on an expensive one because every morning while Kash is feeding on one side I will pump on the other. I started this pretty early on so I was able to start stocking up a bunch of milk in the freezer and it helped me with my milk production.

2.The Ergo baby sleep sack. Kash Loved this sleep sack! It was a nice transition from his swaddles because you can have the arms tucked in. Once he was starting to move around a bit more he started to sleep with one arm out and then when he was rolling he transitioned to both arms out. So I felt like I definitely got my monies worth out of this sleep sack because he was able to use it in 3 different stages

The bundle baby car seat travel blanket. I figured out fast that packing a baby up in the wintertime sucked BIG TIME. This blanket was a GAME CHANGER for me! It is made by a woman in Ottawa Ont, and I am so grateful I found her and her blanket. It has lots of great features on it but my favorite part about it is the time it saves from having to put the baby in 10 million layers!

The Lillie complete all-season baby carrier. When Kash was a newborn I tried carrying him in a wrap and he was never interested in it. I then tried him in this carrier and he loved it instantly (thank goodness) because it was the only way I could actually get anything done around the house.

BioGaia ProTectis baby. This was recommended to me by a friend one night when I was crying my eyes out because Kash would not stop crying. Once I started giving him these probiotics, I noticed he started to get less fussy.  Ever since that day I have been giving him a drop of these probiotics to help with his little belly.

There are so many fantastic products out there for babies but I found that these 5 thigs were so helpful in making my day to day a litter easier.

B xo

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