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What makes an advanced yogi?

May 28, 2019

What makes an advanced yogi?

When I first started practicing I thought that if you could do the fancy stuff like arm balancing and handstands and twist yourself up like a pretzel that, that made you an advanced yogi. It wasn’t until I did my teacher training that I realized how far off base I was.

Now I see an advanced yogi as someone who can listen to their body, and understand how to pay attention to the sensations during a posture. It’s a student who understands how to resource props to support a shape that might not be fully accessible to them yet. It’s also someone who understands how to use yoga to compliment their daily activities or lifestyle. Meaning… if you had a crazy day bouncing from one thing to another then going to do a high intensity power class might not be what your body/ nervous system needs. Doing something like a yin or restorative practices to calm down your system might do you better that day.

So that being said I believe awareness comes from experience and education. Once you are able to decipher what you need and WHEN,    I believe you have reached an advanced version of yourself.

I would love to hear from you about how or when yoga went from being “something you do” to a “part of who you are”.

B xo


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