First 4 months into motherhood

March 5, 2019

Before Kash made his arrival, I had so many people tell me about how hard the first few months are going to be. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but I clearly couldn’t comprehend how challenging it all really is until I experienced it for myself

My delivery was long and excruciating but I was fortunate enough that I didn’t have any complications. My mom and my husband were in the room with me. They were both so helpful although I think at some points the nursing staff were more concerned about Kurt passing out than what was happening with me. We delivered at the Missippi Mills hospital in  Almonte Ontario where Kash arrived into the world at 7:10 am on Saturday October 27th 2018.   I cant say enough about the staff.  The experience of delivering in a small rural hospital was so intimate and personal.

The next few weeks I went into survival mode. During my pregnancy I had all these pre-disposed ideas of what type of mother I would be. I told myself  that he would be sleeping in his crib right away, there would be no screen time until he is 2, I will be breastfeeding etc.  Well I realized quickly that you just do what you gotta do! Kash spent the first few weeks sleeping on my chest or on my arm because that was the only way we both could get some rest.

Then there is this whole breastfeeding business which I found out is so much harder than I ever imagined that it would be. I had heard stories & read books on how amazing breastfeeding is and the connection you and your baby will instantly develop so I don’t think I ever really considered it might not be like that. At the beginning it was so painful for me that when he would latch I would be in tears. Kash and I have made it over the tough hill for now and as I look back on those early weeks I am so grateful to the community of women who helped me out during this time. 

My postpartum recovery is slow but I am learning a lot about my body at this time. I will be making another post soon giving you all the details about my experience!

Kash is now sleeping so well in his crib (I know this might be a short lived but I will take any victory I can get!)  and he loves to spend time in his jumper. 


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